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Many people are aware that power tools like drills and saws can be loud- but not everyone knows the damage that this loud sound may be causing to their hearing. Even a short period of exposure to these loud levels can cause permanent hearing loss. It is so important to be aware of your hearing when working with power tools- here are some tips on how to do it.

  1. Use hearing protection. Well fitted ear plugs or powerful ear muffs will reduce the levels of the noise somewhat, allowing you a longer time to work before causing damage. Custom noise plugs give the best seal, but many people also use full earmuffs over their plugs to be as safe as possible.
  2. Take ear breaks. The longer your ears are exposed to the noise in one session, the higher the chances of causing hearing loss. Take regular breaks to allow the ears to rest and recover- and make sure that you are in a quiet environment during these breaks!
  3. Check your equipment. Power tools that are older or in poor condition will start making louder noise. Always ensure that your tools are serviced and cleaned regularly, and replace anything that is no longer working optimally. This is really important for physical safety as well as hearing safety!
  4. Choose quieter tools. Many of the latest tools are designed to produce less noise. The next time you are due to purchase a new piece of equipment, look into the noise levels the various options produce, and consider a more ‘ear friendly’ option.

Remember that even a minute of exposure to a loud drill can cause permanent hearing damage. Take care of your ears, and monitor your hearing regularly to try and identify any issues early.

If you have any questions or would like more information about hearing and power tools, comment below or contact us.