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Recent years have seen us become more and more connected- and this is also true of hearing aids. For the past few years, ‘Made for iPhone’ has been the big ‘buzzword’ in audiology communities. Almost all suppliers have been releasing hearing aids that can connect directly to an Apple iPhone without the use of an additional device or streamer. This allows you to take calls and listen to music into your hearing aids directly. However, this benefit hasn’t been brought through to those many people who use Android and other cellphones until very recently. Could this new product, the Unitron Moxi All, meet this need?

The reason that the Android operating system hasn’t been able to have direct streaming until now has to do with the multiple producers of devices that use this platform. Where Apple makes all their own phones and operating systems, Android is utilised by Samsung, Huawei, Sony- the list goes on and on. This has been something that hearing aid manufacturers have been trying to work around for years- and it has finally been done.

Sonova, the umbrella company for Phonak and Unitron hearing aids, recently launched their SWORD Made for All chip, and we recently saw it introduced into their new product, the Unitron T Moxi All hearing aids. The Moxi All aids connect directly to all operating systems, and even old non-smart cellphones that have Bluetooth (Speak to your audiologist to confirm cellphone compatibility). They are also fully hands free, enabling the person wearing the aids to hear their caller’s voice in one of the ears, while their own voice is picked up by the microphones of the other ear- their phone could be in their pocket or handbag. One of our patients shed a few tears when using this feature for the first time, as she felt that she had never heard on the phone so clearly or so easily.

While the Unitron Moxi All does not allow for listening to music in both ears directly from the phone to hearing aids, like the Made for iPhone hearing aids, it can be done using the new Tempus Moxi TV Connector, which can plug into anything with a standard 3,5mm headphone jack. A patient of ours wearing this technology plans to use her TV Connector in her laptop, so that she can listen to music while working and not disturb others in her office.

The Moxi All hearing aids are packed with features, and include all the sound technology of their Tempus platform, which our patients report as natural and clear, even in complex sound environments. They are also available in rechargeable technology. We are excited to be able to finally offer a direct streaming solution to our patients who use Android and other phones, with the added bonus of hands free calls which will appeal to all cellphone users. As always, hearing aids must be discussed with your audiologist to determine the best option for you as an individual, and always after a comprehensive hearing assessment.

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*Please note that Francis Slabber and Associates has no direct affiliation with Sonova, Unitron, Phonak, or any other hearing aid brand, and all opinions shared are done so without any compensation by the supplier, nor benefit to the practice or patients involved. Francis Slabber and Associates is an autonomous practice and our audiologists fit a variety of brands and products without prejudice.