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It’s been 6 months since our last ‘new products’ post, and there have been a lot of changes in the world, and in the world of hearing aids, since then. While we’ve had to get used to masks, sanitizer, and social distancing, our hearing aid manufacturers have been hard at work and have released some really exciting new products during the lockdown (all launched via Webinar, of course!). Here they are, the new products from January to June 2020.

New Product Platforms:

Two manufacturers have launched new flagship product platforms, with a whole new range of hearing aids each. We were so excited to see Widex launch their Moment platform, which finally has a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery option. This new style, the Moment MRic RD, means that our Widex-loving patients can, at last, have a reliable rechargeable hearing aid! The platform has also been rolled out into all their styles and form factors, which means their behind-the-ear, receiver-in-the-canal, and in-the-ear options are all equipped with their latest sound. One of the biggest launches within the Moment platform is a new feature called PureSound, which aims to balance audibility, intelligibility, and comfort to give our patients a natural sound quality.

Unitron has also launched a new platform, building on its Discover platform with Discover Next. Discover Next updates their Speech Locator and Sound Classification system, bringing even better ability to detect and adjust to your every situation automatically. They have also introduced a new form factor, the Moxi Move R, which is another LI rechargeable Receiver-in-the-Canal aid option in a slightly smaller size than their Moxi Jump R. As with Discover, the Discover Next platform is Made for All, which means it allows for direct streaming to all Bluetooth devices, not just Apple iOS.

Two manufacturers have also introduced new ranges in the entry-level area. Oticon launched the Ruby platform, a range of hearing aids at a more budget-friendly price point. Although not their flagship products, the Ruby is equipped with the same fantastic feedback reduction system found in their OPNS platform, giving access to more sound to patients in the mid-range or below. The Ruby is compatible with the Oticon Cros aid, and it has a LI rechargeable battery option as well as Made for iPhone direct streaming. It’s wonderful to have these options in a more affordable range of hearing aids.

Unitron also launched the Shine Rev+ range of hearing aids, filling out their portfolio with these new basic aids. Although these aids are budget-friendly, they come in Unitron’s range of award-winning designs, allowing you to wear beautiful instruments even at a more affordable price.

New Shapes and Designs:

In addition to the two new shapes described above, Signia and Beltone have each introduced new styles into their existing platforms. Signia has expanded its Signia Xperience range by introducing the Styletto X, their Slim-RIC design that comes in a portable power bank charging case, the Silk X, their instant fit Completely-in-the-Canal hearing aids, and Cros X. The Cros is a special hearing aid accessory that streams sound from an unaidable ear to the better ear, and the Cros X is available in a Receiver-in-the-canal and Completely-in-the-Canal option to suit most needs. These new additions to their latest platform mean that there are more options to choose from, helping us find the perfect aids for our patients more easily.

Beltone has introduced a new aid into their Amaze platform. The Boost Max is a superpower aid for people with severe to profound hearing losses. We are always pleased to hear about a new superpower option, as patients with these losses need their hearing aids to do a lot!

Something Else:

Another of our manufacturers has introduced Remote Care into their hearing aids, which in the time of COVID-19 is very welcome! Oticon’s Remote Care is backwards compatible, so anyone with an OPN, OPNS, Siya, Xceed, or Ruby device, and a smartphone, can have access to this cool feature. With Remote Care, we, your audiologists, can log on and consult with you virtually, and even make adjustments and fine-tuning to your hearing aids from the comfort of your own home. Oticon’s Remote Care means that four of our 5 regular manufacturers now have Remote Care options, so if you are nervous to leave your home and feel ‘tech-savvy’ enough, contact us to find out whether it could be an option for you.

While we’ve had to change the way we do things in the last few months, we are so glad to see that the manufacturers we work with are adapting with the times too. These new hearing aids and features mean that we can find solutions to work for more and more patients. Don’t forget that every person is unique, and so are their needs, so it’s always best to work closely with your audiologist and discuss any concerns you may have during the fitting process. If you’d like to know more about the latest developments, contact us, or comment below.

*Please note that Francis Slabber and Associates has no direct affiliation with Signia, Oticon, Widex, Unitron, Beltone, or any other hearing aid brand, and all opinions shared are done so without any compensation by the supplier, nor benefit to the practice or patients involved. Francis Slabber and Associates is an autonomous practice and our audiologists fit a variety of brands and products without prejudice.