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We are a dynamic team that provides professional ear and hearing related services with a primary focus on adult audiology

We are dedicated to being efficient, ethical and consistent thus creating an experience that is supportive, empathic and mindful

We are driven to learn, to grow and to provide excellence in our relationships with our clients, community and our team

The Hearing Clinic, previously known as Francis Slabber & Associates, provides ethical service, excellent products and creates relationships that last a lifetime.

We offer our skills responsibly in caring and homely environments and at reasonable and competitive pricing.

Here, we are family

Hearing loss and related issues can sneak up on you and can affect your quality of life in subtle ways.

It can feel isolating and over time it also affects your mental acuity.

The good news is that treating your hearing loss can reverse many of these issues. In fact, studies show that hearing aids can help restore cognitive function, improve depression and other side effects caused by hearing loss.

With a comprehensive hearing evaluation, we will be able to identify the best hearing loss treatment for your lifestyle and level of hearing. 

Stop struggling to hear your friends, the cashier, and the television.

We’ve helped many people restore their hearing and reconnect to the world around them.


Do you dread noisy restaurants because you can’t hear your partner across the table?


Are you feeling fatigued in spite of getting enough rest, or left out even when you’re with friends?


Are you enjoying movies less because you miss lines critical to the plot?

Our patients are our first priority


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