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Welcome to the Academia website

Academia is a unique residence. As the only affiliated private residence it offers the best of two worlds: the same academic, sporting and cultural ties as any other Stellenbosch University residence but with the freedom and opportunities offered by a standalone establishment.

Excellent Facilities

  • Dedicated study centre
  • High-speed connectivity to the US intranet
  • Fully-equipped outdoor gym
  • Laundromat and cleaning services
  • On-site deli
  • Meal plans are available at the nearby Goldfields residence

Management Staff

  • On-site administration office
  • On-site maintenance
  • Open door policy
  • Involved student leadership structures

Safe and Secure

  • 24/7 guarded security access
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Strict visitor policy
  • 10-minute walk to the Neelsie Student Centre
  • Contact security on 021 887 1953
  • Biometric access control system in place

Report a Fault

Incident Report

Social Application

We offer a range of accommodation options

Premium or Deluxe | One or two bedrooms | En-suite or shared bathrooms

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A university education is about more than just the lectures. Yes, you need to study and meet those academic grades, but it’s important that the three or four years you spend at an institution are filled with other learning experiences too. At Academia, we provide that.